Website redesign time

If you’re reading this, then I successfully redesigned my web page. The template I used for the old design was too limiting. Especially the design for the heading. This format is better to accommodate my needs as a writer. It’s not as dark as the original site, but not everything needs to be cloaked in darkness. Like it? Let me know what you think.

My main blog is still the Bolingbrook Babbler over at Freethought Blogs. I’m using this mini-blog for news, events, and other updates. So if you’re only interested in posts about my books, bookmark this blog. If I make any public appearances, I’ll blog about it here.

If you want my thoughts on other subjects, or would like to read stories in a lighter Babbler setting, check out my main blog.

I’ll always post my latest author updates in my newsletter first. Not only that, but you’ll also receive free eBooks from me.

Now to get back to writing the next book, Revenge of the Phantom Press. Will Tom survive when Bolingbrook’s past and present collide?

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