Work in Progress: Revenge of the Phantom Press (Book 3)

On the eve of Bolingbrook’s 50th anniversary, the ghosts who published the Phantom Press reappear. After attacking the village board and The Bolingbrook Babbler tabloid, it’s clear that the ghosts are out for revenge against the community they once served.

But is it that simple?

Tom Larsen, a struggling reporter for the Babbler, suspects there’s more to their return. Though his editor orders him to stay away from Bolingbrook, Tom can’t ignore his suspicions. Tom risks his career, and possibly his life, to investigate.

Aided by Juanita, a woman from his past, and Anti-Psychic Kitty, a cat who can kill psychics with his presence, Tom digs into Bolingbrook’s past to find answers. Fending off ghosts attacks while trying not to be exposed, Tom starts to realize that things are not what they seem to be, and he may not know who to trust. Yet the truth he’s seeking could be more than unbelievable. It could be devastating to Bolingbrook and the rest of the world.

Can Tom survive when Bolingbrook’s past and present collide?

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