TikTok Video for A Fire in the Shadows

Here’s a short TikTok I made for a Fire in the Shadows:


The fire that gives a vampire their power burns away their capacity to love. Lydia is one of the few vampires that regained their compassion and empathy. Hunted by traditionalist vampires, feared by most humans, and ridiculed by her blood family, Lydia is lonely. Her desire for someone to love her back leads her to make questionable choices. Still, Lydia is an excellent scout and fighter. But Chicago’s vampire enforcers threten a woman she loves, will her skills be enough, or will her fire be extinguished? A Fire in the Shadows is an Urban Fantasy vampire novelette set in suburban Chicago. It’s the latest book in the series, The Bolingbrook Babbler Stories by William Brinkman. Available at Amazon, Kobo Plus, and other retailers. #urbanfantasybooks #urbanfantasyseries #vampireprotector #urbanfantasybooktok #fansofurbanfantasy #vampirereaders #urbanfantasywriter #urbanfantasyauthor #newadulturbanfantasy

♬ A tense scene, a thriller(943061) – Makoto Hiramatsu
A Fire in the Shadows: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story by William Brinkman

Have I gone viral? Nope. I’ve learned so much from being TikTok, and it’s an honor whenever someone favors one of my videos. You can follow me to catch more of my videos. I mostly post about my books, including my current work in progress, Revenge of the Phantom of the Phantom Press. Let me know what you think.

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