Books By William Brinkman

The Bolingbrook Babbler Stories

The Bolingbrook Babbler Stories is an Urban Fantasy series set in suburban Chicagoland. Bolingbrook seems to be a peaceful planned community, but aliens and monsters hide in the shadows. Only one publication, the Bolingbrook Babbler, dares to report the unbelievable truth. These are the stories of the Babbler’s staff, the officials who cover up the truth, and that monsters that have ties to Bolingbrook.

The cover of Pathways to Bolingbrook
Pathways to Bolingbrook (Book 1)

The path to Bolingbrook’s shadows starts with a choice.

Book Cover for A Fire in the Shadows. A woman is holding a knife.
A Fire in the Shadows: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story (Book 1.5)

Lydia isn’t like other vampires. Will that be her undoing?

The cover of The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story
The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story (Book 3)

Skeptic blogger Tom Larsen wanted to get back at skeptic podcaster Jamie Kyle. Instead, he found aliens and monsters in his hometown.

Coming Soon: Revenge of the Phantom Press.

Web Fiction Collection

Cover of the book, God to Smite Bolingbrook. Best of the Babbler Fiction Blog 1998 to 2016.
God to Smite Bolingbrook

For newsletter subscribers: From the first ever Babbler article until William joined Freethought Blogs, God to Smite Bolingbrook is the first eBook collection of William’s satirical blog posts. William provides behind the scenes information for each story as well as updates (As of 2023.) If you want a lighter version of the Bolingbrook Babbler setting, this is the collection for you.