Pathways to Bolingbrook: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story (Book 1)

Cover of the book Pathways to Bolingbrook.
Will they each choose the right path?

The paths we choose to take define us.

Miriam is alone and is out of options. Years ago, she thought Iowa City could be her new home. Now she’s desperate to escape. 

Sara is a reporter for a dying newspaper chain. With Chicago’s suburban politicians granting her exclusive stories, Sara makes the most of her opportunities. Even if it means certain questions are off limits. 

When a stranger offers Miriam a way out of Iowa City, she wonders what’s the catch. In her young life, she’s learned everything has a cost. But could his offer be any worse than her current situation? 

When Sara discovers a recording of a conversation she doesn’t remember, she needs to know what happened. Her employers warn her about asking the wrong questions. Insubordination means losing her job and possibly her career. Dropping the investigation means losing her integrity. Discovering the truth could endanger her family.

The answers they seek lie in the shadows of Bolingbrook, Illinois, and its local paper, the Babbler. Its unbelievable stories about vampires and secret conspiracies might be true. Will either of them take a pathway to Bolingbrook?

Pathways to Bolingbrook is a Paranormal Urban Fantasy about two women who must choose between their current life or walking a dark path to the truth. Get Pathways to Bolingbrook to find out which path each one takes.

Available in Audiobook, eBook, and paperback.