The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story

Cover of The Rift
The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story (Book 2)

***** “A richly written novel filled with memorable characters. Highly recommended!”–The Wishing Shelf

“A compelling tale where a skeptic blogger must question his views, fantasy becomes reality, and lessons are learned. Just when you think you have it figured out, you’ll never guess what happens next.”–Megan Rahm, author of Free to Roam: Poems from a Heathen Mommy

****—Reedsy Discovery

What if you’re wrong?

Three years ago, Bolingbrook resident and skeptic Tom Larsen had a reputation for debunking the Bolingbrook Babbler’s articles about Clow Airport housing a secret UFO base, and monsters lurking in the shadows. 

Then podcaster and musician Jamie Kyle mentioned him in a video. She didn’t name Tom, but said he made her feel uncomfortable during an elevator ride. Then a newspaper withdrew their job offer to him. Tom retaliated by blogging against Jamie and her feminist allies. 

Now skeptics bitterly fight over feminism. Anti-feminist skeptics, with the help of men’s rights activists, wage a campaign of non-stop harassment to drive out feminist skeptics. In response, feminist skeptics are uniting to form Humanist Heart, an organization to promote their version of skepticism.

When Tom finds out Jamie will be in Bolingbrook for the Humanist Heart congress, He’s desperate to confront her even if it means working with the Babbler.

His first assignment, however, ends when he survives a weredeer attack and wakes up inside Clow UFO Base. The Babbler’s stories are true. The movement he defended is a lie.

Now the aliens have a mission for Tom. The MRAs say Tom is the key to their plans. New opportunities await Tom. Yet, Tom wonders if he was also wrong about Humanist Heart and even Jamie. With a weredeer army gathering nearby, Tom can’t afford to be wrong again. 

If you like the mysteries in X-Files and Stranger Things, and like the dry humor in Fargo, you’ll love The Rift.

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