William Brinkman: Urban Fantasy author and fiction blogger

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The Bolingbrook Babbler Stories

The Bolingbrook Babbler Stories is an Urban Fantasy series that mixes the X-Files with Fargo in Chicagoland.mix of Fargo, Bolingbrook, a seemingly normal Chicago suburb, hides many paranormal secrets. Clow Airport is a cover for the world’s largest urban UFO base. Weredeer packs roam the neighboring forest preserves, vampires walk among the residents, and the village has covert departments tasked with keeping the residents in the dark. Only the Bolingbrook Babbler, the village’s oldest tabloid, dares to tell its readers what lurks in the shadows of the Pathway Village.

The cover of Pathways to Bolingbrook
Pathways to Bolingbrook
William Brinkman

Miriam and Sara are at a crossroads. Will either take the pathway to the shadows?

Book Cover for A Fire in the Shadows. A woman is holding a knife.
A Fire in the Shadows
William Brinkman

Lydia is a vampire who can still feel love and compassion. Can Lydia defend the woman she loves from Chicago’s vampire enforcers?

The cover of The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story
The Rift
William Brinkman

Skeptic bloggerTom didn’t believe the Babbler’s articles, but he needed their help to get back at rival podcaster Jamie. Then he survived a weredeer attack and woke up inside Clow UFO Base.